The Outland Mining Corporation was created to help propel a noble group of individuals further in the galaxy than any would have ever thought possible.

Along with sales of raw materials, Outland Mining Corporation also provides construction services, materials transport, prospection services, and mine construction and oversight.

The prices listed here may not be the most current and up to date. Contact OMC to get a quote using the latest prices. The mats here may be unavailable when shown as available and vice-versa. Contact OMC to inquire about the latest availability to your order request.

Interactive Services
We currently offer a pricing calculator that you can download to obtain price estimates for your Raw Materials and Transportation requirements. This is located here. Right click and “Save link as . . .” to save the file to your datapad.
Calculator Release: 4.2.3, Year 13 Day 309, Gilad Callista
There will be an update for the calculator soon.

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Name Usage W (T) Rarity Rate Price per unit Available
Quantum Quantum Armor 12.8 130 2,700 YES
Meleenium Meleenium Durasteel 11.2 500 160 YES
Ardanium Ardanium Fuel Canisters 8.0 150 1,300 YES
Rudic Rudic Electronics 1.6 120 1,900 YES
Duracrete Duracrete Building Material 9.6 250 600 YES
Alazhi Alazhi Bacta 2.4 60 5,000 YES
Laboi Laboi Lightsaber 4.0 2 150,000 NO
Adegan Adegan Lightsaber 3.2 2 150,000 NO
Rockivory Rock Ivory Antigrav Unit 12.8 250 650 YES
Tibanna Gas Tibanna Gas Blasters and Lasers 0.16 200 700 YES
Nova Nova Explosives 2.4 50 5,100 YES
Varium Varium Droids and Equipment 10.4 90 6,000 YES
Varmigio Varmigio Hyperdrive 9.6 240 850 YES
Lommite Lommite Transparisteel 6.4 200 1,000 YES
Hibridium Hibridium Cloaking Technology 14.4 30 20,000 YES
Durelium Durelium Hyperdrive 8.0 120 3,300 YES
Lowickan Lowickan Valuable Gems 4.8 25 20,000 YES
Vertex Vertex Valuable Gems 4.0 80 2,600 YES
Berubian Berubian Valuable Gems 3.2 2 150,000 NO
Bacta Bacta Medical Equipment 0.8 0 75,000 YES
Ryll Ryll Drug 0.4 30 NO

Last update: Y18D161 by Rick Alano

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