The original Outland Mining Corporation was a mining faction that existed during the time of the Old Republic. It had a large fleet, dedicated workers, and a vast array of resources.  Unfortunately, the Outland Mining Corporation was eventually dissolved and absorbed into the armies that constituted and supported the Galactic Republic following the Battle of Naboo due to the threat posed by organizations with private militaries like the Trade Federation.

Years later, another small government that called itself the Invisible Army held some small prominence in the galaxy.  Young individuals, wide-eyed with wonder to the many aspects of the galaxy they had not yet experienced, flocked to the Invisible Army as they were promised wealth and prosperity greater than they could imagine.  Unfortunately for them, they were met with corruption, malfeasance, and contemptible stupidity.  Through a vast array of power plays, the Invisible Army collapsed overnight, and many of the faithful servants were left stranded in their ships, many with no hope but to die quickly in the cold depths of space if a blaster wasn’t nearby.

Out of this shell of a faction, a new group would arise.  Members of the infamous Recon Division of the Invisible Army, through their cunning, knack, and ingenuity, found ways to bypass the systems and countermeasures in place.  Rather than die a lonely death inside the cramped cockpit of a Longprobe, these daring adventures found ways to establish communication, provide life support, and arrange pickups from what would have inevitably been their metal tombs.

This group, once fully rescued, met on a forlorn planet in a non-descript cantina common to spacers.  There they made a pact, one that would require the utmost amount of loyalty, honor, integrity, and personal commitment.  Or, all of the things that had not existed at their previous place of employment.  This pact would hold true as these individuals spread out across the galaxy in an effort to earn their way to a brighter future.  One of the members of the pact was the grand-daughter of a board member of the original Outland Mining Corporation.  With access to some old records, they were able to access proprietary information of the original faction.  This group decided to resurrect the grandeur that had existed before, and the Outland Mining Corporation would rise from the ashes.

With their assets spread all over the galaxy, the Outland Mining Corporation is not confined to one sector of space as are many of the other mining factions.  This unparalleled level of freedom gives the Outland Mining Corporation many distinct advantages over other mining factions.  Re-founded in Year 8 on Day 250 by Jonas Randle, the Outland Mining Corporation is in the meantime led and owned by Rick Alano who joined the company as a prospector back in Year 10.

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