Outland Mining Corporation was created for one purpose only:

To provide the galaxy with bountiful, high quality, reasonable priced raw materials.

Following the dissolution of numerous factions within the Galaxy during a time of turmoil, many highly qualified and motivated individuals found themselves without employment and in hostile territory.  Rather than continue to deal with the uncertainties of employment with other groups or factions, these individuals banded together to provide a unique and needed service within the galaxy.  Through hard work and determination these individuals created a faction that served them when all other factions had failed them.

From various systems, backgrounds, and walks of life, these individuals created the faction known as Outland Mining Corporation.  They are all well trained, well equipped, fluidly capitalized, and highly motivated.  Outland Mining Corporation is a neutral faction that does business with almost every person or faction.

The main distribution hub of Outland Mining Corporation is located in Kroctar (105, 184) system. Delivery of purchased raw materials is possible.

Current leadership: CEO Rick Alano, COO Tas Enotis

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